Why choose ReFocus?

Refocus is an Independent School aimed at 14-16 year old students offering something different that will captivate and engage students with qualifications in Construction, Mechanics and Horticulture.  Each student will build a portfolio of evidence to proudly demonstrate the skills they have developed.

Being unable to sit behind a desk for long periods is a barrier to some students, as they prefer a hands on approach.  This shouldn’t stop them being successful and ReFocus enables students to shine in these practical areas.

Students are able to learn in a safe, inclusive environment clearly knowing what is expected of them.  They will be challenged to step out of their comfort zone, to try new experiences and learn new skills. 

Students earn positive points through showing good engagement which in turn is rewarded at the end of each half term.  This term students are working towards being able to go to Adrenaline Alley to have a BMX coaching session.  Other incentives have included high ropes climbing courses, raft building and canoeing.  This has really challenged students to push their limits and improved their personal potential.  These incentives have also encouraged teamwork, communication skills and confidence building.

Members of staff who work at ReFocus have brought previous knowledge from working in mainstream school and other challenging backgrounds. They have expertise in disengaged students and strive to maintain a positive, calm, and nurturing environment.  As such students settle into the day-to-day life of ReFocus very quickly. 

Every student that comes to ReFocus has a key worker who meets with them regularly to set targets and check on their wellbeing and progress.  From day one students work towards their qualifications with every lesson having a purpose.

Parent communication is vital to our success and regular pictures and phone calls are made to ensure they are kept up to date with their child’s successes. 

A typical day will contain a practical element and could comprise of a session in the workshop learning construction, this includes practicing the skills before applying it to a given task.  Mechanics includes Car and Cycle Maintenance, including the Health and Safety elements that underpin these professions.  English, Maths and IT are all functional skills qualifications that students will work towards.

We are proud to work in collaboration with the Saints Foundation for 2021-2022 who are delivering our Physical Education and Science programmes.  ReFocus are excited to see what different experiences our students can gain as a result of this.

There is so much to look forward to this year and lots of exciting things being planned.  ReFocus continue to work with outside agencies who will implement and deliver sessions to enhance the students school day at ReFocus.  We can’t wait to share these with you once confirmed.

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